Trip Leaders, Marketing & Social Media Gurus Wanted!

Are you interested in working for a European travel company who travels to amazing destinations like Barcelona, The French Riviera, Amalfi Coast, Greece and more on a weekly basis? We're always looking for sales people who are beyond social media savvy (blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook) and who can be personable and lead large groups of students to these amazing destinations. Positions typically are on a semester to semester basis (ie - Fall semester, Spring Semester, Summer Semester), and/or on a trip by trip basis for experience tour guides & leaders.  If you (or anyone you know) is interested, then email us and send your CL, resume, social profiles and previous experience to: 

Travelers Wanted! Become a Campus Rep or Intern this semester and travel FREE

So you're studying abroad, you want to live like a baller and travel Europe but don’t quite have the budget for it all? Want to help extend your own personal travel budget (as we know a good portion of your budget will end up going towards gelato and vino of course...) ??

Well, here's a thought. How about becoming a campus rep for EuroAdventures? Every semester we hire 1-2 students from each study abroad program to help spread the word about EuroAdventures and our trips. It's super simple actually and helps you earn free travel credit.

...How, you ask??

Simple: A Campus Rep helps promote the Euroadventures brand & trips and earns travel for their work. It can be day trips to Cinque Terre or Rome, weekends in Italy's Amalfi Coast, Croatia, Prague, Fall Break in Greece, OKTOBERFEST in Munich, etc. Totally up to you!

We only hire 1-2 people from each school, so send us a message if you're interested in becoming a campus rep for EuroAdventures and start earning awesome trips in Europe!

Interested in a more formal internship in film/video production or writing? Become an official intern for us and come on our trips at a HUGE discount, and even free, in exchange for writing blogs, taking photos and creating awesome trip videos (prior experience in video/content creation required)!

Email Shaun Hoffman at: or message on Facebook and tell him why you want one of these coveted positions!