Q. What is Euroadventures all about?

While traveling as a student, as well as planning trips for students, I learned that too much time is wasted on the internet or at travel agencies researching (and hoping for the best with your choice) destinations, trains, flights, hotels, etc... and in the end not really knowing what you'll get and often spending way too much money and precious time in the process.

I have backpacked and lived in Europe now for over ten years, spending two years as Gonzaga-in-Florence's travel coordinator, and now am on my tenth year planning and leading trips independently. I know what it's like to be a student having to balance an academic schedule as well as a travel schedule into one packed semester.

At Euroadventures we take care of your travel needs with private bus, hotel and an activities guide so you don't have to waste your valuable time on the internet or at a travel agency researching ways or places to travel only then to find yourself wandering outside a train station in the middle of the night looking for your hotel or transferring to and from an expensive out of the way airport on a so-called "discount airline".

We travel in private buses and take you directly to your hotel doorstep therefore making it the fastest and most comfortable way to travel Europe during your semester abroad.

We do European student travel without the hassle. Our experienced guides show you the best each city has to offer as well as some of those hidden gems that the guide books don't tell you about. Join us and enjoy the Euroadventures experience!

— Shaun Hoffman, Founder

Q. What’s included in the price of a trip?

Each trip can slightly differ as far as what’s included and be sure to read all details carefully on the trip booking page pertaining to what’s included and what isn’t.  Generally speaking however, a trip includes transportation from the specified departure city, accommodations, breakfast, a walking tour of the destination and possibly day trips, excursions and/or activities when listed.  A fly-in meet us there package would include everything but transportation, and a transportation only package includes just transportation to/from the departure city to the destination.

Q. Why choose Euroadventures over other student travel companies

We’ve been in the business since 2004 and pride ourselves on being the best at what we do! All of us at Euroadventures are travelers, backpackers, and ex-study abroad students with extensive travel & leadership experience and have a passion to give our customers the ultimate experience in each of our destinations.

  • American owned and operated
  • Better organization
  • More experience
  • Greater value 
Q. Can anybody go on a Euroadventures trip (non-students)?

Yes absolutely!  Euroadventures trips are not limited to only study abroad students and there are no age restrictions.  While the majority of our customers are American study abroad students between the ages of 20-25, we also get backpackers and other travelers on our trips.  Siblings and relatives of our travelers are welcome too!

Q. Do I have to be with the group all weekend and/or is it ok if I’m traveling solo?

No you don’t need to stick with the group the entire time.  In fact, you can do your own thing the entire time and avoid the group if you’d like.  This is not a school trip so you’re not required to follow a teacher around and have your hand held.  It’s your trip so how you spend your time is entirely up to you!  

And our trips are full of groups of friends as well as solo travelers.  We like to think that we create a very social experience during the trips so if you're traveling solo you'll be able to meet new friends!

Q. Can I get a discount on my trip?

We always have sales and promotions where you can save money on a trip, and as well, our staff all have promo codes that can save you money on your trip.  Contact us for more info.

Q. Are there group discounts?

Yes we do offer discounts for groups!  Groups of 10+ are entitled to a 10% discount.  Email us if you're part of a group traveling together - info@euroadventures.com

Q. Can I earn my trip for free?

Organize a group of 15+ people and everybody will get a 10% discount and your trip will be free as the group organizer!

Q. I have friends coming on the trip with me, can we travel and room together?

We take roommate requests and always do our best to make sure that you’re rooming with the friends you’re traveling with.  If you’re a large group of friends (larger than the available rooms at the hotel or hostel) then we do our best to make sure your group will be in rooms next to each other or at least on the same floor.

Q. Do we stay in hostels or hotels? How many people per room?

Generally we stay in hostels but depending on the destination we may also stay in hotels (feel free to write us).  Regardless of whether it’s a hostel or hotel for a particular trip, you’ll be in a top rated, centrally located, clean and safe place.  Room size always depends on availability but rooms are generally anything from 4, 6 and 8 person rooms.  Private single, twin and triple rooms may be available depending on the property we’re staying at and/or can be available as an upgrade at extra cost. 

Q. I have my own accommodations, can I do transportation only?

Yes we offer transportation only packages for that exact reason!  Perhaps you have friends studying abroad in the destination we’re traveling to and you can stay with them, or you just want to get your own hotel or AirBnb.  This way you can take advantage of the ease and price our transportation (you’ll be dropped off/picked up at the location where the group is staying) but take care of your own accommodations and have your own weekend.

Q. I booked a fly-in package. Will I be picked up at the airport or provided transportation to the hostel/meeting spot?

We do not provide airport pickup but we send you the information on the easiest ways to reach our accommodations.

Q. Do I have to stay in the hostel until check-out time on the departure day? I have a flight that leaves at 5am is that ok?

If you need to leave earlier than the official check out time, that’s totally fine of course.  You can leave whenever you need to on the departure day and just make sure you have everything out of your room, key turned in to reception, let them know you’re checking out, etc. 

Q. What if I can’t make the departure time, or fly-in trip meeting time?

We always try our best to accommodate our travelers and if you have a schedule conflict where you can’t make the departure time for the bus or the starting time for a fly-in trip then email us and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Q. Can I take just a one-way trip with Euroadventures?

It can be possible with certain trips, and also depends on availability of that trip.  As we always do our best to accommodate our travellers just contact us and we can let you know if it’s possible for the trip you’re interested in.

Q. Can I arrive a day earlier than the trip starts or extend my stay?

Yes you can arrive earlier or stay longer.  You’d need to notify us of your request and then we can have a look into availability at the hotel or hostel and let you know.

Q. Can I pay just a deposit or smaller amount to secure my spot instead of paying the full amount upfront?

You must pay the full amount for the trip upfront on the website (unless listed as an option and indicated "50% deposit amount), etc. on that trip's booking page).  If a deposit option is available you would then be required to pay the remainder owed 7 days before the trip's departure (you would be notified by email and sent a secure balance payment link).

Q. How much luggage can I bring on a trip?

Generally speaking you can have a small carryon type bag or backpack on a bus and a large suitcase or backpack that can go under the bus in the luggage compartment.  However, we do advise packing light and minimal (and also keep in mind that your room will have minimal luggage space).

Q. Should I travel with my passport or is a photocopy ok?

As a traveler not in your country of citizenship, you must always travel with your passport.  Hotels or hostels can required them for check-in, and there can be border crossing and random checks at any point.  A photocopy won’t work as official ID in the event that you do get checked.  And the last thing you want while traveling is to be detained by the police for not having proper ID!

Q. Is it best to exchange money before going to a destination or use a cash machine once I’m there, and will they take credit card?

In most countries we travel to, the Euro is the used currency, but in destinations where the Euro isn’t used, it’s best to use a cash machine to get money as you’ll get the best exchange rate and not have to pay any commission or service fee like you typically do at an exchange office (your bank may charge international withdrawal fees however so be sure to check on those).

Q. I just booked & paid for my trip. Will I receive my ticket via email or to a physical mailing address?

You will be sent an email confirmation of your purchase and booking along with an e-ticket (with trip purchase summary).  You will not be sent any physical paper ticket or info packet to any mailing address.  And all communication and correspondence will be done via the email address that you booked your trip with so be sure to monitor your email account.

Q. When will I receive all of the trip information like meeting place & time, hostel/hotel info, tour leader info, etc.?

24-48 hours before a trip’s departure, or meeting time in the case of a fly-in trip, you will receive an email with all details about the trip.

Q. Will I get the names of others traveling on the trip before the trip starts?

We do not send out the names and contact info of the other travelers, but you’ll have a chance to meet everybody once you’re on the trip of course!

Q. If my friends are traveling on their own or with another company can they still join us for activities?

Yes it is possible.  Contact us to inquire about the possibility and also availability and pricing.

Q. Are Euroadventures trips very active/do I have to walk?

The destinations we travel to are full of great things to see and we try to show our groups as much as possible! Trips are active and if you want to participate in offered activities then you will be on your feet and covering a good amount of ground during the trip.

Q. How are trips priced/the trips vary in cost even if they’re same duration, why is that?

Certain countries and cities vary in cost for accommodations, excursions, activities, etc.  Some destinations are more expensive while some are cheaper and the price of the trip can be reflective of that.  As well, certain trips may include more things, or the time of year (high season vs. low season), if the trip takes place during a festival or holiday, etc. can all affect the price.

Q. Is it possible to organize a trip that you don’t offer, add a date for a group, or make a custom trip for a private group?

Yes it is possible to organize any custom trip (even beyond Europe) or add an extra date for an existing destination if you have a group.  Email us for pricing and options – info@euroadventures.com

Q. If I have an issue or problem during my trips, who should I contact?

During the trip, it’s most important to let your trip leader know if there’s some issue (issue with your room, complaint, etc.) so the issue can be addressed & resolved.  We’re not mind readers and if you don’t let us know, we can’t fix the problem. 

Q. Do you have a Facebook page or any other social media pages?

Yes we do!  Check out our Facebook fan page, our Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.  All are under our name “Euroadventures”

Q. Can I cancel my booking and get a refund?

Depending on the time frame, and the particular trip, a cancelation may be possible.  Please see the booking terms & conditions for specifics.  As well, if you have a question regarding your booking and if you’re eligible for a refund, email us – info@euroadventures.com

Q. If I miss or skip the trip I booked, can I get a refund?

If you don’t show up for the trip, for whatever reason, there is no refund.   This is what personal travel insurance is for.  Everything has been arranged and paid for your trip to take place.  If you don’t show up, the money has still been spent.

Q. If I want to change the date or destination or a booked trip is that possible?

Much like with a cancelation request, depending on the time frame, and the particular trip, a change may be possible.  Email us with the info about your trip you have booked and which date or destination you’d like to change to – info@euroadventures.com

Q. Can I transfer a trip booking to a friend?

Yes that can be possible.  Email us with this request – info@euroadventures.com

Q. Is travel insurance included in the price of a trip?

Travel insurance is not included in a trip booking.  We do recommend that you provide your own travel insurance to be covered if you can’t make a trip in the case of illness, school conflict, unannounced visitors, covered in the case of lost luggage, etc.

Q. What are the general booking terms & conditions with Euroadventures?

Please find our complete booking terms & conditions here

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