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Interlaken & Lake Como
Thursday to Sunday - From: 229 €

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Spend the weekend in the heart of Swiss Alps and THE adventure sports capital of Europe, Interlaken, Switzerland in the shadow of Switzerland’s most epic mountains, the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau! From traditional Swiss culture to summer adventure sports like skydiving, Paragliding, Canyon Jumping, Canyoning, White Water Raftiing, Funcars, Horseback Riding and more, this is a weekend trip not to be missed!  And on Sunday, there’s an afternoon to enjoy Italy’s glamorous Lake Como!



Thursday - Day 1 Depart Florence/Rome via luxury coach w/DVD movies. Stops for dinner/bathroom along the way. Arrive at hostel late Thursday night (arrival time depends on traffic conditions).

Friday - Day 2 (breakfast included) Wake up to the Alps right outside your window! Head down to reception and get going with your activity for that day. Skydiving, Paragliding, Canyon Jumping, Funcars, Hiking, Horseback Riding and more are all right in our backyard (the Swiss Alps!). Enjoy the day, or night, at the swimming pool or relaxing at the outdoor bbq and beer garden area behind the hotel.  For those looking for a party At hit the lively “Club Caverne” located in the basement of our hotel – free entry for Euroadventures customers!

Saturday - Day 3 (breakfast included) Take part in another extreme sport, go on a day trip to a nearby Swiss town like Bern, Zurich, Lucern, etc. or hike around the city, the mountains and Lake Brienz or Thun in Interlaken. At night lounge and relax at the lobby bar, outdoor beer garden and/or Club Caverne for a chill night or a wild one at the club.

Sunday - Day 4 Morning check out and early departure to Lake Como at approx. 8am. Arrival at approx. 11:30am with 4 hours to enjoy the city and gorgeous Lake Como. Wander the shoreline (look for George Clooney…), streets and enjoy a great afternoon lunch.  Boat trips on the lake are possible as well. Late night arrival back to Florence/Rome.

Quick Facts

Country: Interlaken - Switzerland; Lake Como - Italy
Currency: Interlaken - Swiss Franks; Lake Como - Euro
Must See/Do: Sky-diving, paragliding, canyon jump, canyoning, white water rafting, hiking, swimming, visiting nearby cities like Lucern, Zurich & Bern.

Available Packages

Full Package - transportation + accommodations + activities

* "SALE" (when indicated) - is a special limited availability sale priced package, where listed, and for “Full Pkg” or “Fly-In” package, with "SALE" indicated and is the same as the corresponding normally priced package of the same name. Availability is limited per trip and date.


- round trip transportation (from Florence/Rome)
- 3 nights accommodations with your friends
- 3 buffet breakfasts
- Sunday stop at Italy’s Lake Como
- Euroadventures trip leader
- Euroadventures information booklet

Not included:

- Adventure sports/activities
- lunches & dinners
- souvenirs

Packing Tips

- Passport
- Jacket
- Sun Glasses
- Sun Screen
- Shoes for hiking
- Money

Where we stay

Funny Farm/Hotel Mattenhof in center of Interlaken, located in private park, with swimming pool, several restaurants, bars, nightclub and even outdoor bbq area and beer garden
*Certain weekends, depending on availability and group size, we may be at another central hostel in Interlaken

Extra Activities

- SKYDIVING: Skydive from a Helicopter!! Jump from up to 1400 ft/ 4300 m over Interlaken with a breathtaking view of the Alps, and the feeling of falling into free air from 0 to 200 km/h. With pick-up, takes about 2 hours. PRICE– CHF 430. One of the few places in the world where you have the option of skydiving from a HELICOPTER!! It’s unreal (trust us)!!
- PARAGLIDING: is the purest and simplest form of flying. It is the easiest way to experience the world from a birds view. takes about 2 hours. PRICE - from CHF 160 (depending on starting launch elevation).
- RIVER RAFTING: Rafting is the classic outdoor adventure! Paddling down a river with the splash of cold water in your face, rafting is always a thrill. From easy flat water to action-packed white water, rain or shine rafting is always fun. Price - CHF 119.
- CANYONING: There are few places in the world where you can experience the delights of canyoning. It is so much fun you have to give it a go! No previous experience is necessary to participate and full instruction is given by our guides. Price - from CHF 119
- BUNGY JUMPING: The thrill of freefall combined with awesome alpine surroundings is what makes our jumps extra special. A bungy jump is the ultimate adrenaline rush! Price - CHF 179.

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