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Munich Springbeerfest
Thursday - Sunday - From: 189 €

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April 23 2020 (Thursday)
Full Package - Trans., Accom. & Activities - €289
April 30 2020 (Thursday)
Full Package - Trans., Accom. & Activities - €289
May 7 2020 (Thursday)
Full Package - Trans., Accom. & Activities - €289
April 23 2020 (Thursday)
Full Package - Trans., Accom. & Activities - €299
April 30 2020 (Thursday)
Full Package - Trans., Accom. & Activities - €299
May 7 2020 (Thursday)
Full Package - Trans., Accom. & Activities - €299
No available dates
Fly-in (meet us there)
April 23 2020 (Thursday)
Meet Us There - package - €239
April 30 2020 (Thursday)
Meet Us There - package - €239
May 7 2020 (Thursday)
Meet Us There - package - €239

Departure Times

Florence - 8:00pm
Rome - 5:00 - 5:30pm
Fly-In (meet us there) - arrival any time on Thursday with hostel check in available from 3pm


The land of lederhosen, pretzels and beer – and BEERFESTS! Come celebrate Oktoberfest in the springtime in Munich, during the Strong Beerfest and Spring Beerfest! Bavarian culture, history, museums, Dachau concentration camp, Neuschwanstein Castle, bike tours and of course more beer! Munich’s reputation for being Europe’s most fun city is well-deserved and a can’t miss destination!

During the February, March, April and May trips the famous Starkbierzeit (Strongbeerfest) and Fruhlingsfest (Springbeerfest) will be held. The Strong Beerfest runs from the last weekend of February and into March and celebrates the period of Lent with a special dark, strong beer and numerous parties around the city’s biggest beerhalls (with live music & traditional can’t miss Bavarian beer drinking atmosphere)!

The famous Spring Beerfest (Fruhlingsfest) is held from the third weekend of April through the first weekend of May running for 3 weekends. It is a smaller and more local version of Oktoberfest and held on the same grounds, the Theresienwiese. There will be several beer tents holding several thousand people each w/live music, and the usual amusement park rides and food just like at Oktoberfest. Many consider the Springfest to be a smaller, yet more fun version of Oktoberfest (without all the tourists). On Friday and Saturday night the nightlife will be centered here.


Strong Beerfest 2019:

March 14-17

March 21-24

March 28-31

​Spring Beerfest 2019:

April 25-28

May 2-5

May 9-12


Thursday - Day 1 Depart Florence/Rome via luxury coach w/DVD movies. Stops for dinner/bathroom along the way. Arrival to Munich late Thursday night (approx. 3am-4am).

**Fly-in package arrival on your own with check in from 3pm available (you will be sent exact instructions on how to arrive). 

Friday - Day 2 Breakfast included. Following breakfast we will have the option of the famous beer walking tour! This tour covers the historic sights of old Munich from its founding through WWII times, and ending at the Hobrauhaus beerhall. Tour includes approx. 2-Liters (4 Pints) of beer and lasts approx. 1 hr. 30 min - 2 hours. Following the tour, the Euroadventures trip leader will show you the best shopping for traditional dirndls & lederhosen so you’re ready for the festival. Free afternoon & evening to head to the Beerfests for those that want to go on their own (Euroadventures leader will take the group there at approx. 3pm)! 

Saturday - Day 3 Optional trip led by the Euroadventures leader to the Dachau concentration camp at 10am in the reception area. It takes 25-30 minutes to get to Dachau. Museum entrance is free. Other options include a bike tour around the city, a visit to some of Munich’s many famous museums, or a trip to the Neuschwanstein Castle, the real life inspiration for the Disney castle. As well, there's excellent shopping to be had in this cosmopolitan city. Free night to head back to the Beerfest, enjoy a traditional beer hall or one of many other great bars or all night clubs (like the 30+ club area of Kulfabrik for those wanting a wild night out)! 

Sunday - Day 4 Breakfast included at check out at 10am (leave your bags in luggage room). Free day with departure at approx. 2pm.

*Fly-In package departure on your own.

Quick Facts

Country: Germany
Language: German
Currency: Euro
Typical Cuisine: Munich - wurst (sausage), Pretzels, krautsalat (sauerkrautsalad), kartoffelsalat (potato salad) schweinshaxe (roasted pork knuckle), schnitzel, hendl (roasted chicken), strudels, schnapps, beer.

Available Packages

- Full Package - r/t transportation + accommodations + activities
- Transportation only
- Fly In - accommodations & activities

* "SALE" (when indicated) - is a special limited availability sale priced package, where listed, and for “Full Pkg” or “Fly-In” package, with "SALE" indicated and is the same as the corresponding normally priced package of the same name. Availability is limited per trip and date.


Full Package:
- round trip transportation
- 3 nights accommodation
- 3 breakfasts
- Euroadventures trip leader
- Euroadventures information packet

Transportation Only Package:
- round trip transportation
- Euroadventures information packet

Fly-In Package:
- 3 nights accommodation
- 3 breakfasts
- Euroadventures trip leader (accompanies groups of 20 + people)
- Euroadventures information packet

Not included:

- lunch, dinner & drinks
- beer walking tour - 20 Euro
- metro tickets
- museums
- Neuschwanstein Castle trip ) - 20-45 Euro
- gifts/personal expenses

Packing Tips

- Passport
- Pillow (for bus ride)
- Rain jacket
- Shoes you don’t mind getting dirty (if it’s raining outside, the beer tents during the festivals can be pretty messy on the floor)
- Money

Where we stay

In an upscale hostel in a room with your friends. 4,6 & 8 person rooms - room size request depends on availability (a week of the trip you will receive an email about your rooming requests so you can inform us of friends you’d like to stay with). All rooms have private bathroom/shower facilities.

Extra Activities

Beer Walking Tour - There’s not a better way to see the city & sights, get some great information and entertainment as well as drink some fine German beer while admiring beautiful Munich! The guides are informative, really funny and energetic and there will be KEGS OF BEER with us! There will be stops for drinking games and other fun activities involving beer (after all it is the capital of beer, Munich).  The cost for this nearly 2 hour tour is only 20 Euro for our own private group!  Keep in mind too that it works out to be about 2 Liters per person (over half a gallon) and they cost 8-10 Euro for one at the Beerfest, so in addition to getting your monies worth in beer you also get a super fun and informative tour around Munich’s historic center.  

Dachau Concentration Camp - Public transportation to reach Dachau (approx. 25-30 minutes to get there and ticket costs 3-5 Euro).  Museum entrance is free.

Neuschwanstein Castle - an optional trip to the famous inspiration for the Disneyland Castle, Kind Ludwig’s Neuschwanstein Castle nestled in the gorgeous Bavarian Alps! Price - 20 Euro 

How To Reach Destination

- Munich Airport (Flughafen Munchen) - located 17.7 miles northeast of Munich. It takes 40 minutes to get to Munich city center and costs up to 12 Euro.
- Memmingen Airport - located about 68 miles from Munich center. It's popular with low-cost airlines. It takes 1 hour 25 minutes to get to Munich and costs 15 Euro.

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