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Krakow & Auschwitz
Thursday to Sunday - From: 149 €

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No available dates
Fly-in (meet us there)
February 20 2020 (Thursday)
Meet Us There - package - €159
February 27 2020 (Thursday)
Meet Us There - package - €159
March 5 2020 (Thursday)
Meet Us There - package - €159
March 12 2020 (Thursday)
Meet Us There - package - €159
March 19 2020 (Thursday)
Meet Us There - package - €159
March 26 2020 (Thursday)
Meet Us There - package - €159
April 16 2020 (Thursday)
Meet Us There - package - €159
April 23 2020 (Thursday)
Meet Us There - package - €159

Departure Times

Fly-In (meet us there) - arrival any time on Thursday with hostel check in available from 3:00pm

Prague - 8:00pm


Krakow is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with one of the largest squares on the continent as its centerpiece, the beautiful Jewish quarter and the 1000 year old Wawel Castle are a few of the highlights. At night the city comes alive with one of the highest concentration of bars & clubs per square mile of any city in the world (more than 300 line the streets around old town). This trip gives you the opportunity to experience a unique "off the beaten path" destination in Europe, and one of the cheapest too!


Thursday - Day 1 Arrive on your own and check in to hostel (from 3pm check in is available) for Meet Us There Package.  Free night to relax or explore Krakow.

*Full package trip from Prague departs at 8:00pm from central station with late night arrival to Krakow (approx. 2-3am).   Meet Us There Package is arrival on your own at any time (hostel check in available from 3pm).

Friday - Day 2 Breakfast provided, followed by a walking tour of Krakow’s historic center including the Rynek Glowing main square market, St. Mary’s basilica, Jagiellonian University, Wawel Castle and the Jewish Quarter. Free time after with optional night out in Krakow for a traditional Polish dinner, and after an optional pub crawl (including power hour, stops at multiple bars and ending at a club). Overnight in Krakow. 

Saturday - Day 3 Breakfast provided.  Early morning transfer to see the sobering Auschwitz-Berkinau concentration camps (visit to both camp locations, and film and guided tour included - Auschwitz-Birkenau is the infamous Nazi concentration camp that became the the world’s worst spot of genocide with the extermination of 1.5 million people: Jews, Poles, Gypsies, prisoners of war and many others were murdered in this camp). Mid afternoon arrival back to Krakow with free evening. Overnight in Krakow. 

Sunday - Day 4 Breakfast provided. Check out at 10am and departure on your own for Meet Us There Package. You are free to leave your bags at the hostel and continue exploring Krakow if your departure is later in the day.  Departure on your own.  

*Full package trip from Prague has free day with departure at approx. 4:00pm and arrival back to Prague at approx. midnight.  Meet Us There Package departure on your own at any time.

Quick Facts

Country: Poland
Language: Polish
Currency: Polish Zloty
Typical Cuisine: Kielbasa, Bigos (stew), Pierogi, Zurek sour soup, Jewish cuisine, pickled vegetables, Polish vodkas
Must see: Wawel Castle, Jewish Quarter (Kazimierz), Schindler's Factory, Rynek Glowny (Market Square), St. Mary's Basilica, Wieliczka Salt Mine

Available Packages

- Meet Us There - accommodations & activities (arrival any time on Thursday with hostel check in available from 3pm)

-- Full Package - r/t transportation from Prague + accommodations + activities

* "SALE" (when indicated) - is a special limited availability sale priced package, where listed, with "SALE" indicated and is the same as the corresponding normally priced package of the same name. Availability is limited per trip and date.


Meet Us There Package:
- 3 nights accommodations In Krakow
- 3 breakfasts
- Walking tour of Krakow
- Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camp tour
- Euroadventures trip leader (accompanies groups of 20 + people)
- Euroadventures info packet

Full Package (from Prague):
- 3 nights accommodations In Krakow
- 3 breakfasts
- Walking tour of Krakow
- Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camp tour
- Euroadventures trip leader
- Euroadventures info packet

Not included:

- Transportation to/from Krakow (for Meet Us There Pkg)
- Lunch & Dinner
- Museums
- Souvenirs

Packing Tips

- Passport
- Comfortable walking shoes
- Rain coat or Umbrella
- Towel
- Money

Where we stay

3 nights in a centrally located hostel

How To Reach Destination

Getting to Krakow:
- You can fly directly to Krakow Airport which is just 30 minutes away from city center (regular, cheap bus/trains service from outside the arrivals area and goes direct to main train station in Krakow city center). 
-You can fly to Katowice airport which is where the majority of low cost airlines fly. From there you would take a shuttle bus to Krakow which takes 1 hr. & 45 minutes and the price is approx. 10 Euro.  As well, these transfer services are available just outside arrivals area and go direct to Krakow city center.

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