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French Riviera Carnival
Thursday to Sunday - From: 179 €

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Departure Times

Florence - 7:00pm
Rome - 5:00 - 5:30pm
Barcelona - 6:00 - 6:30pm
Fly-In (meet us there) - arrival any time on Thursday with hostel check in available from 3pm


Monte Carlo, Nice, Cannes, Eze, Antibes are just a few of the legendary hot spots that the French Riviera has to offer in this land of the rich and famous! The beaches, supercars, super yachts, famous casinos, and surrounding scenery will have you living like a high roller! And whether gambling at the Casino de Monte Carlo, or out at one of Nice’s bars or clubs at night, pay special attention to the people around you because you never know what celebrity you might be able to catch of glimpse of!

In February travelers from all over the world descend upon Nice to experience Carnival on the French Riviera! Carnival in Nice, France is one of world’s great carnivals along with Rio de Janeiro and Venice! The festive atmosphere features parades and parties during the day and night and the city is especially alive during its famous Saturday night parade! 


Thursday - Day 1 Depart Florence/Rome/Barcelona with arrival to hostel in central Nice at approx. 2am (arrival time can vary depending on conditions).

*Fly-in package arrival on your own with check in from 3pm available (you will be sent exact instructions on how to arrive). 

Friday - Day 2 Morning departure (approx. 10am) for Included trip to the Principality of Monaco and the famous city of Monte Carlo! We’ll have a short walking tour of this glamorous seaside city seeing highlights like the royal palace, national cathedral (where Princess Grace’s tomb is), the port of Monaco lined with its amazing collection of yachts, and ending at the famous Casino de Monte Carlo (you’ll have the opportunity to try and strike it rich at the casino!). At night we meet in the hostel lobby for our “Welcome to the French Riviera” champagne party before heading out to the lively old town of Nice. The old town features a ton of live music bars, clubs, and the beautiful beachfront view along the palm tree lined Promenade des Anglais. 

Saturday - Day 3 Morning departure (approx. 10am) for included trip to Cannes and Antibes to hit the beach, check out the popular French markets, museums, or spend the day in cities filled with world class shopping and seaside cafes! We first stop in the town of Antibes which is famous for its Picasso museum, charming old town and market, and also being home to some of the world’s largest privately owned yachts in its port (yes, billionaires keep their yachts here)! Following our stop in Antibes we then continue on to the beautiful, and ritzy, town of Cannes which is famous for its annual film festival, great shopping and food, and also it’s long golden, sandy beach along the famous Croisette pedestrian promenade. Saturday night in Nice it’s party time for the Carnival’s famous night parade! The Euroadventures leader will take the group to the best spot to experience Carnival (and also show where to get tickets for those that want to sit in the stands), to get confeti, dress up and have an amazing night in the streets and pubs and clubs of old town! 

Sunday - Day 4 The Euroadventures leader offers a morning walk (approx. 10:30am) through Nice’s old town and the famous flower market along the Cours Saleya, and then up to the hill above old town known as the “Chateaux” for amazing views above the city and water and to experience the Sunday “Flower Parade” of the Carnival held in the streets of Nice next to Old Town. Departure from Nice on Sunday will be at approx. 3.00pm and we will drive along the famous Grande Corniche and make a stop in the ancient hill top village of Eze and its famous Fraggonard perfume factory before returning home (*Eze trip on Sunday is for Italy departures only) 

*Fly-In package departure on your own.​

Quick Facts

Country: France
Language: French
Currency: Euro
Typical cuisine: Bouillabaisse, Nicoise Salad, fresh shellfish, Crème Brulee, French bakeries, French cheese, French wines, Pastis.
Must see: Monte Carlo/Monaco, Cannes, Antibes, old town of Nice, Eze, St. Tropez, works of Picasso, blown glass, perfumeries of Eze, beaches, world’s largest and most expensive yachts and supercars.

Available Packages

- Full Package - r/t transportation + accommodations + activities (from Florence, Rome, Barcelona)
- Transportation only (from Florence, Rome, Barcelona)
- Fly In - accommodations & activities (meet group at destination)

* "SALE" (when indicated) - is a special limited availability sale priced package, where listed, and for “Full Pkg” or “Fly-In” package, with "SALE" indicated and is the same as the corresponding normally priced package of the same name. Availability is limited per trip and date.


Full Package:
- Round trip transportation
- 3 nights accommodations
- One way trip to Monte Carlo
- Walking tour of Monte Carlo
- One way trip to Antibes
- One way trip to Cannes
- Walking tour of Nice
- Trip to Eze Village & Fragonard perfume factory w/special discounts for Euroadventures customers
- Friday night wine & champagne - “Welcome to the French Riviera” party
- Carnival Saturday night
- Euroadventures trip leader
- Euroadventures information

Transportation Only Package:
- round trip transportation
- Euroadventures information packet
*this package does not include accommodations & activities

Fly-In Package:
- 3 nights accommodations
- One way trip to Monte Carlo
- Walking tour of Monte Carlo
- One way trip to Antibes
- One way trip to Cannes
- Walking tour of Nice
- Friday night wine & champagne - “Welcome to the French Riviera” party
- Carnival Saturday night
- Euroadventures trip leader (accompanies groups of 20 + people)
- Euroadventures information packet
*this package doesn't include transportation to/from Nice

Not included:

- Return from Monte Carlo day trip back to Nice - €3
- Return from Cannes day trip back to Nice - €4.5
- Souvenirs
- Museums
- Meals

Packing Tips

- Passport
- Sun Glasses
- Money

Where we stay

3 nights accommodations in a hostel in central Nice just off of the main shopping street, in a room with your friends with private bathroom/shower, air conditioning and free WiFi.
*For private twin/double room upgrade (or 4-star upgrade) please email info@euroadventures.com about availability & pricing

How To Reach Destination

If you are doing Fly In Package you need to fly to Nice airport which is located along the coast just 3.7 miles (5.9km) from the center of Nice.

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