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Florence & Venice Carnival
Friday - Sunday - From: €

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Departure Times

Rome - 9:00am
Fly-In (meet us there) - trip starts in Florence on Friday 12pm


From Michelangelo & Da Vinci to Gucci & Cavalli, these are just a small collection of Florence’s famous residents over the last several centuries. Tuscany’s largest city and the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence allows you to experience all of Italy’s history, culture, art, food, wine, and more! 

*On Saturday, we make a day trip to Venice so you can experience Italy’s unique city of canals and during its world famous Carnival!


Friday - Day 1 Depart at approx. 9am from Roma Termini and arrive in the center of Florence at approx. 12:30pm. Check into hostel in the city center with a llittle time to get some food and freshen up. There will be a city walk of Florence with sights including the Duomo, the David, the Ponte Vecchio, the Pitti Palace, and Piazza Michelangelo for a bird’s eye view of this wondrous historical city! We will also be organizing an optional dinner at our favorite traditional Tuscan restaurant for a taste of true Italian cuisine. Come hungry as there will be all the food and wine you can eat/drink! Afterwards we will head out to a number of bars/clubs in the city center, all within walking distance.

*Fly-in package arrival on your own, room check-in available from 3pm (you will be sent exact instructions on how to arrive). Activities start from Friday mid-day after the group from Rome arrives. 

Saturday - Day 2 We meet at 8:30am to make our transfer to the city of canals, Venice, for the world famous Carnival (travel time is approx. 3-3.5 hours). We arrival on the the main island of historic Venice to start the Carnival experience. The Euroadventures leader will head through the winding, maze-like streets eventually ending in the massive St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) for those that want to join. For those wanting an independent day, you can take a water taxi or Vaporetto to destinations like St. Mark’s Square, the beach area of Lido, the glass blowing island of Murano, etc... This is a very independent day (especially due to the crowds all over the city) so you can spend your time accordingly in Venice and experience the day exploring the events of Carnival to make the most of your time! We will depart at approx. 8pm with arrival will back in Florence at approx. 11pm. 

Sunday - Day 3 Morning check out from hostel and free day on your own (great day for shopping!). Depart Florence at approx. 7pm and arrive back in Rome at approx. 10pm.

*Fly-in package departure on your own

Quick Facts

Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Currency: Euro
Typical Cuisine: Pastas, prosciutto, salame, Bistecca alla Fiorentina, gelato, Tuscan wines, seafood, polenta, sardines, seafood risotto, wines of the Veneto region.
Must see/do: Florence’s Duomo, Santa Croce, Santa Maria Novella, Ponte Vecchio, Piazzale Michelangelo, Central Market; Venice - Grand Canal, Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge, Doge's Palace

Available Packages

- Full package - r/t transportation + accommodations + activities (from Rome)
- Fly In (meet at destination) - accommodations + activities

* "SALE" (when indicated) - is a special limited availability sale priced package, where listed, and for “Full Pkg” or “Fly-In” package, with "SALE" indicated and is the same as the corresponding normally priced package of the same name. Availability is limited per trip and date.


Full Package:
- round trip transportation (from Rome)
- 2 nights accommodations
- 2 buffet breakfasts
- round trip transportation to Venice
- Euroadventures trip leader
- Euroadventures information booklet

Fly In Package:
- 2 nights accommodations
- 2 buffet breakfasts
- round trip transportation to Venice
- Euroadventures trip leader
- Euroadventures information booklet
*this package does not include transportation to/from Florence

Not included:

- museums
- lunches & dinners
- souvenirs

How To Reach Destination

If you are doing the Fly In package (meet us at destination) the closest airport is the Florence airport, however, the Pisa or Bologna airports are better serviced by low cost airlines and both an easy trip to Florence (1 hour or less by train or bus). If coming by train or bus, the Santa Maria Novella train station is the main train station in Florence and in the city center.

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