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Amalfi Coast, Italy
Thursday to Sunday - From: 209 €

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Departure Times

Florence - 6:30pm
Rome - 8:30pm
Fly-In (meet us there) - arrival any time on trip start date with hostel check in available from 3pm


Italian paradise is a trip to the emerald waters of the Mediterranean in Italy’s glitziest seaside towns Sorrento, Positano, & Amalfi.  Experience the fabled island of Capri and its Blue Grotto, as well as the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. This is an amazing beach weekend in Italy’s most famous resort area with lots of time for swimming, boat cruises with cliff jumping, Italy’s best pizza and limoncello!


Thursday - Day 1  Depart Florence/Rome for late evening arrival to Sorrento and check-in to your room.

*Fly-in package arrival on your own with check in from 3pm available (you will be sent exact instructions on how to arrive).

Friday - Day 2  Afer breakfast, we will take a bus (included) to the breathtaking city of Positano driving along the remarkable Amalfi Coast road. This beautiful city built into the cliffs of the coast is the perfect place to relax on the beach, swim, shop, and try some of Italy's finest seafood. Upon arrival to the beach, the Euroadventures leader will take you to Positano’s best panini shop and deli, and later will organize an optional boat cruise along the Positano coastline with stops for swimming and even cliff jumping! Approx. 4:30pm departure from Positano back to Sorrento to enjoy the rest of your afternoon and evening or get ready for the night. Friday night optional southern Italian group dinner offered with pizza, pasta and wine included. Following dinner, the Euroadventures leader will take those that want to join to our favorite outdoor bar in Sorrento for some dancing under the stars, and drink specials for Euroadventures customers! 

Saturday - Day 3  We’ll have an early morning departure to take the 25min. ferry over to the island of Capri (included). For those up for it, we will be leading a hike to the very top of Capri for some magnificent views over the enJre island and Bay of Naples (about 2.5 hours round trip so make sure to have good shoes - there is a gondola to the top as well for those who want the views but not the hike). For those who do not want to do the hike the leader will take you to Capri Town where you can explore its shopping, famous gardens, or just soak up the sun on the beach. Once the leader is back from the hike we will take you to Capri’s best panini shop for the world’s best “Caprese” sandwich, followed by an opJonal several hour boat cruise around the island where you can swim, BYOB, and see the famous Blue GroFo - one of the 7 natural wonders of the world! Saturday night is a free night to relax, or have another night on the town. We recommend heading to Piazza Tasso, the main square in Sorrento where the city comes alive with its many restaurants, bars and cafes to experience a southern Italian Saturday night. 

Sunday - Day 4  Morning check out and departure to Pompeii for several hour visit and time for lunch. Afernoon departure to Florence/Rome.

*Fly-In package departure on your own.

**Easter and long holiday weekends (where indicated) also include an extra night and free day on Day 5 (with a mid-afternoon departure).  See "Long holiday weekend itinerary" for full details.

Quick Facts

Country: Italy
Located: Southwestern region of Campania
Language: Italian
Currency: Euro
Typical Cuisine: Seafood, Pastas, Naples Pizza (birthplace of pizza), Sfolgliatella, Babà al Rhum, Limoncello.
Must see: Capri Island, Blue Grotto, Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento, Naples.

Available Packages

- Full Package - r/t transportation, accommodations & activities (from Florence & Rome)
- Fly-In Package - accommodations & activities (meeting group in Sorrento)


Full Package:
- round trip transportation (from Florence/Rome)
- 3 nights accommodations (4 nights on holiday/long weekends where indicated)
- 3 buffet breakfasts (4 breakfasts on holiday/long weekends)
- round trip ferry to Capri island
- round trip bus to Positano
- Euroadventures trip leader
- Euroadventures information packet

Transportation only Package:
- round trip transportation (from Florence/Rome)
- Euroadventures information packet
* this package does not include accommodations & activities

Fly In Package:
- 3 nights accommodations (4 nights on holiday/long weekends where indicated)
- 3 buffet breakfasts (4 breakfasts on holiday/long weekends)
- round trip ferry to Capri island
- round trip bus to Positano
- Euroadventures trip leader
- Euroadventures information packet
* this package does not include transportation to/from Sorrento. You meet group at destination.

Not included:

- Capri Island swimming & cliff jumping cruise - €15 - €20
- Positano swimming & cliff jumping cruise - €15
- Blue Grotto entrance - €12
- Pompeii - €13 (optional guided tour at extra cost)
- Lunches & Dinners, Drinks
- Souvenirs

Packing Tips

- Passport
- Swim Suit
- Sun Glasses
- Sun Screen
- Beach Towel
- Good shoes for walking/hiking
- Flip Flops
- Money

Where we stay

Bungalow & hostel style rooms in Sorrento unless otherwise indicated (in trip selection).
*For private room upgrade (or 4-star upgrade) please email info@euroadventures.com about availability & pricing

Extra Activities

- Boat Cruise in Positano - 1-1.5 hour cruise along coast w/swimming & cliff jumping - €15
- Boat Cruise around Capri Island with stop at Blue Grotto (optional entrance) - 2-2.5 hour cruise around island w/swimming & opportunity to bring your own food/drinks on board - €15 - €20
- Blue Grotto entrance - there is a fee as it's a cultural site (like a museum) - €13
- Pompeii - remarkably preserved ancient Roman city destroyed in 79 AD by Mt. Vesuvius - entrance fee €12 + optional guided tour (at extra cost)
- Group Dinner in one of Sorrento’s best restaurants (a local favorite!) with southern Italian specialties (pastas, pizza, water and wine included) - cost €20

How To Reach Destination

If you are doing the Fly-In package (meet us at destination) the closest airport is in Naples, Italy.

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