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Slovenia & Venice Carnival
Thursday to Sunday - From: 275 €

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Departure Times

Florence - 8:00pm
Rome - 5-5:30pm


The gem of central Europe, Slovenia has a slice of mountainous Switzerland, charming Bavaria, and enchanting (and cheap) Prague all wrapped into one. The resort town of Lake Bled, with its 1000 year old castle perched on a 300 ft. cliff over the lake, is like something from a medieval movie set. It is one of Europe’s hottest up and coming resort towns with its affordable spa centers & treatments, and now its growing reputa;on as an adventure sports center to rival those in Switzerland and Austria. This is a ski & spa weekend with a day of skiing costing less than 25 Euro (and having slope only a 5 minute walk from the hotel), and saunas, jacuzzi & spa center in our 3-star hotel.

*On our return Sunday we include a stop at Venice so you can experience Italy’s unique city of canals and during its world famous Carnival – it’s a perfect day trip and you get to see two amazing destinations in one weekend!! 


Thursday - Day 1 Depart Florence/Rome via luxury coach w/DVD movies. Stops for dinner/bathroom along the way. Arrival to Lake Bled late Thursday night.

Friday - Day 2 Breakfast included. Free day to enjoy the beautiful lakeside, mountain town of Bled. Go skiing at one of the many nearby resorts (including Kranjska Gora & Vogel), explore the lake and its island church and 1000 year old castle, go paragliding, skydiving and many other exciting activities that this destination specializes in. As well, in the hotel there are spa and sauna facili;es (3 saunas and a jacuzzi) to relax and pamper yourself with a massage. At night a group dinner will be offered followed by a stop at Lake Bled’s most fun nightlife spots!

*There will be husky sledding and night sledding offered on Friday or Saturday 

Saturday - Day 3 Breakfast included. Free day to enjoy Lake Bled, the spas or any activities. Euroadventures leader will offer a hike around Lake Bled and up to the 1000 year old Bled Castle (perched on a 300 foot cliff overlooking the lake). Free night to relax & rest, head back out to Lake Bled’s nightlife or even try your luck at the casino for some gambling! 

Sunday - Day 4 Breakfast included. Shortly after breakfast (at approx. 8:30am) we’ll make our transfer to the city of canals, Venice, for the world famous Carnival (travel time is approx. 4 hours). We arrival on the main island of historic Venice to start the Carnival experience. The Euroadventures leader will head through the winding, maze-like streets eventually ending in the massive St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) for those that want to join. For those wan;ng an independent day, you can take a water taxi or VaporeJo to destinations like St. Mark’s Square, the beach area of Lido, the glass blowing island of Murano, etc... You are free to wander off on your own and explore the city and experience Venice and Carnival how you like. We will depart at approx. 6pm with arrival will back in Florence at approx. 9-10pm, and Rome at approx. midnight-1am. 

Quick Facts

Country: Slovenia & Italy
Language: Slovenian & Italian
Currency: Euro
Typical Cuisine: Grilled meats, cevapcici, klobasa, Kremšnita cake (Bled creme cake), seafood, polenta, sardines, seafood risotto, wines of the Veneto region.
Must see/do: Slovenia - Bled Castle, Husky Sledding, Spas of Lake Bled; Venice - Grand Canal, Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge, Doge's Palace

Available Packages

- Full Package - r/t transportation + accommodations + activities (from Florence or Rome)
- Transportation only (from Florence or Rome)

* "SALE" (when indicated) - is a special limited availability sale priced package, where listed, and for “Full Pkg” or “Fly-In” package, with "SALE" indicated and is the same as the corresponding normally priced package of the same name. Availability is limited per trip and date.


Full Package:
- round trip transportation (from Florence/Rome)
- 3 nights accommodations with your friends
- 3 buffet breakfasts
- Sunday trip to Venice for Carnival
- Euroadventures trip leader
- Euroadventures information booklet

Transportation only Package:
- round trip transportation (from Florence/Rome)
- Euroadventures information booklet

Not included:

- adventure sports/activities (1 day ski pass from €27)
- lunches & dinners
- souvenirs
- entrance to spa near by with water park and 7-different saunas (18 Euro)
- entrance to castle (7 Euro)
- boat rides in Venice

Packing Tips

- Passport
- Warm jacket
- Shoes for hiking
- Swimsuit if planning on using spa (sauna, pool, etc.)
- Money

Where we stay

Hotel with spa facilities on Lake Bled

Extra Activities

Skiing/Snowboarding – Nearby resorts like Vogel and Kranjska Gora feature some great terrain high in the Julian Alps and for cheap (a full day is only 27 Euro! And a 2 day pass to is only 57 Euro!).

Snowshoeing and dog sledding adventures (w/Huskies) – you’ll hike in the Julian Alps with snowshoes and then either drive a dogsled team or ride along (your choice). Takes about 3 hours and is available on Saturday – cost is 64 Euro.*Same as skiing - of course this is a seasonal activity and is always weather dependent

Ice climbing in the valley of Mlačca near Bled gives you a very unique opportunity to experience the challenges of ice climbing in a real setting. It includes all the equipment and basic training and is open to beginners. Takes about 3-4 hours and costs 65 Euro

Paragliding from several different altitudes (weather dependent) puts you high in the air soaring around the Julian Alps. Depending on altitude and length of flight, price is from 98 Euro.

Skydiving high above Slovenia’s Julian Alps is a high-altitude thrill and one of the most adventurous activities out there. Price is 190 Euro and like all other activities is weather dependent.

Hiking of Kofce with views of the Triglav national park and traditional Slovenian food (lasts approx. 3 hours) – 48 Euro

*All activities are weather dependent as well as seasonal (depending if fall, winter, spring, summer). Certain activities are not year round. Please inquire with us to see if any specific activity will be operating during the time of your trip.

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